Guided Meditation Session- $85 Per Session

I will ease you to a point of relaxation. I will take you places that are amazing. During our meditation, we will be overcoming personal obstacle and find healing from aches and pains down to your soul. 

Each sessions lasts approx. 40 to 60 minutes.


Life Coaching Session- $85 Per Session

I will help guide you through the obstacles in your life and assist you in finding a better way of life. Through muscle checking and BodyTalk together we can find what is holding you back from your true desires.

Each session lasts approx. 1 hour. 

Ear Wicking Session- $85 Per Session

If you are having trouble hearing or have never gotten your ears cleaned out, this is a safe way to rid yourself of unwanted wax build up.

Each session takes approx. 40 minutes and 3 sessions are recommended for best results. 

Lymph Drainage- $85 Per Session

BodyTalk has its own unique process to help stimulate sluggish lymphatic movement in the body and drain tissues of excess fluid. It is called the VELTHEIM METHOD OF LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, named after John Veltheim, the founder of BodyTalk.

Unlike standard Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques practiced by massage therapists, osteopaths and other trained therapists, this technique can be done over clothing, energetically a short distance from the body, and even a significant distance from the body. Session lasts approx. 30-40 minutes.


Exploring general consciousness which includes the philosophy and understanding of such concepts of as space/time;  Guilt/Fear; Separation;  individuation, and how our habitual thinking patterns creat masks that hide our true nature and how balancing the General Consciousness assists the unfolding personal and spiritual growth of the client. Practical use of knowledge enables the Practionrr to balance the right/left brain complex and assist the client towards recognition of the natural state of inner peace and harmony

BIO-DYNAMICS $85 Per Session

Addresses the body as an energy system. It examines the many ways of integrating the energy systems of the body with the physical functioning of the body. It is the foundation of the BodyGenics system developed by Dr. John Veltheim. The elements of the bodyTalk protocol addresses 5 Elements, roll of kidney in yin/yang, Wei Qi, breathing cycles, diaphragm , nature of emotions, muscle relations, managing a e pains injury’s, arthritis and other pains.

COACH $85 Per Session

BodyTalk has:

1. Assisted NBA players to go from 62% free throws to 72%
2. Taken C D and F students to A and B students
3. Take salesmen from bottom of the pack to the top.
4. Taken individuals without direction to reach high goals

Deb has helped me in more ways, than I could count. I’m so very relaxed. She has taken all my troubled mind problems and cured them. I feel just super and content – Easy mindful of all things.